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Painting the living room and painting the exterior walls are two different jobs. As experienced painters in Burlington, Ontario, we carry that knowledge to every project we take over. Even if we are talking about a painting job in one house, each room & every surface will be different. Now, take that and bring it to another level – like having to handle jobs at different locations.

All painting services vary. And so, we start with that to ensure the end results don't only meet the customer's requests but also go beyond their expectations. Take a minute to see how our team at Burlington Painters works, how we serve.  

Full attention is paid to all aspects of painting services 

What comes first and above all other things is that we are experienced and very committed painters. We also know that not all materials – hence, surfaces are the same. And not just that. Each surface has suffered its own share of hardship – being outside or not. Let's not forget that although exterior materials suffer the most, your bathroom drywall or any part of the house that has experienced a leak has faced a share of damage as well. We pay attention to such things to ensure the job is done in a proper manner. In fact, we appoint painting contractors – seasoned pros, to inspect the walls, the ceiling, the working area and see what must be done.

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Residential Painting
  • Condo Painting
  • Cabinet Painting
  • Deck/Fence Refinishing
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal 
  • Drywall Repairs
  • Feature Wall Stong Install
  • 1 Day Painting Services
  • Wallpaper Installation & Removal

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Thorough prepping for impeccable house painting 

The home painters, Burlington customers may rest assured, come fully prepared to do the job. They prep the working area; they prep the surface. You don't have to worry about a thing. The prep stage of all painting services is immensely important. It's the base of the work. Done this one wrong and you won't have the same, smooth results you so long for.

Whether the house painting job includes the interior or the exterior too, the pros scrape, clean, patch, fix, sand, prime, finish. They do anything required to create a perfect surface where the final finish coating will adhere well to last for long and give the aesthetic result you crave. From drywall repair and deck repair to popcorn ceiling removal and window caulking, the painters start by prepping the surface according to its needs. And then, they continue with the finishing phase – priming and painting walls, finishing fences, staining decks, installing wallpaper, anything you like, exactly how you like it.  

The Burlington painters you can trust with all projects 

Our company stands by your side from the beginning, whether this is a full home painting job or only includes refreshing one room. Also, we are here for commercial and office paint jobs. We provide consultation, in an attempt to help you select the right coating, style, and color and do all that with the utmost respect to your schedule, home, office. See? You don't have to settle for second choices when it comes to choosing Burlington painters. Suffices to put your trust in us. Why don't you call to see if we are the right fit for you?