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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Booking kitchen cabinet painting in Burlington, Ontario, takes a few minutes of your time and a message to our company. Of course, you can also call to say that you want the cabinetry in your kitchen painted.

At Burlington Painters, we have experience with kitchen cabinet finishing. Plus, we have experience with all materials, remain fully updated with the most recent trends and all new colors, and are available for the transformation of small or big kitchens in Burlington.

Available for kitchen cabinet painting Burlington service

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Burlington

For kitchen cabinet painting, Burlington residents can rely on our company. Painting the kitchen cabinets is often part of painting the interior. But it’s also an independent job ideal for those who like to change the looks of their kitchen without paying for new cabinets.

With cabinet refinishing, the kitchen is transformed and often modernized and the material of the cabinets becomes even more resistant. Who doesn’t want that for the kitchen cabinetry?

Why choose our team for the kitchen cabinet repainting job? Because we have experience, charge a reasonable fee, send the pros with no delay, and ensure the excellent way the job is done. Let’s see more about that.

Painters skilled in refinishing kitchen cabinets

No cabinet painting job is a walk in the park. It may not be rocket science but it still demands a good knowledge of the material and expertise in such services. To ensure the job is flawlessly done, we appoint pros to check the cabinets, their material, and the surface’s condition and talk details about the job with you.

Not all cabinet materials are the same. And not all materials have the same strengths or need the same paints. With us, there’s no concern about such things. We know everything about all materials and the pros come out well-equipped and fully prepared with the correct paints and tools to do the job.

The usual kitchen cabinet finishing or repainting process

The cabinets are removed and finished as required, with the method, technique, and color already agreed. Are we talking about wood cabinets and you just want them stained? No problem. Are the cabinet doors pretty damaged and must be sanded and well prepped before they are finished? That’s the whole point of leaving such jobs to us. The appointed painters make sure that the cabinets in your kitchen are perfectly sanded and smoothened before they are painted.

Is the old painting already peeling? Before they repaint kitchen cabinets, the pros remove the old paints and properly prep the surface. So, if the paint is peeling or you just want to change the color of the cabinets, don’t overthink it. Get a price. Want to talk about numbers? Let’s see what’s needed in your kitchen so that we can offer you an estimate. Contact our team to say that you need in-Burlington kitchen cabinet painting, and we’ll talk about everything in a little while.