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Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Eager to refresh your home with new wallpaper and get rid of the old design? Those who need wallpaper removal and installation in Burlington properties in Ontario may turn to us. Then again, you may want the old wallpaper removed but now the wall painted. No problem whatsoever!

Turn to Burlington Painters for such projects. Not only are we available for such jobs but also have the experience to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Take a minute to see how it’s all done.

Getting started with Burlington wallpaper removal & installation

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Burlington

It’s fair to say that such projects differ. There’s often a need for both wallpaper removal and installation. Burlington homeowners, who grow tired of a specific wallpaper design, need a change. They need to have the existing wallpaper removed and a new wallpaper motif on their wall.

Then again, some wallpapers become damaged or are torn or their motif is outdated. In such cases, there’s also a need for wallpaper removal.

Have no worries. No matter your reason for wanting the wallpaper gone, we are ready to take over.

In some cases, people want new wallpaper installed. In some other cases, people prefer the wall painted. Once again, our company covers all such needs.

Wallpaper installation, installation, and wall painting services

  •          Wallpaper removal. The common denominator in all cases is the removal of the old wallpaper. Whether it’s torn or just ugly, paper or fabric, the wallpaper is efficiently removed. Make no mistake. This is often very hard. But with experts on the job, the wallpaper is removed without any wall damage.
  •          Wallpaper installation. Assuming you want a new motif, a wallpaper installer takes over. Before that, the wall is prepped. With the old wallpaper gone, the pros now have to fix wall flaws, remove dust and debris, sand, and prime. This way, the surface is perfected and the wallpaper is installed to look fantastic.
  •          Wall painting. There’s a chance that you don’t like wallpapers. Period. There’s a chance that you breathe a sigh of relief now that the wallpaper is removed and all you want is the wall painted. In this case, Burlington painters take over. Once they prep the wall as previously explained, they prime and paint it. Have no worries about the colors and finishes. If you want the wall painted instead of wallpaper installation, we talk about finishes, coatings, and colors from the start.

It’s evident that with the wallpaper removed, you have choices. You can either have a new wallpaper motif set up on your wall or you can just have the wall painted. It’s up to you. The significant part is that our team serves all such needs. And does so with ultimate professionalism.

If you want to get started, let us send a pro to check the condition and material of your wallpaper to understand what must be done. To also talk with you about your needs and preferences, and provide an estimate. Be sure that whether you want wall painting or wallpaper removal and installation, Burlington’s most experienced pros will leave you in awe.